Meeting room rental

Rooms & rental fees

Both the Almonte and Pakenham branches have meeting rooms available for local groups, organizations and businesses.

The fee for non-profit or community service groups is $15.00 per block; the fee for all others is $30.00 per block. A/V equipment is available for a fee. Insurance plus PST is additional.

Download the rental agreement

MMPL Meeting Room Rental Agreement
MMPL Meeting Room Rental Agreement (PDF format)

Insurance requirements

Due to an insurance requirement by the Town of Mississippi Mills insurance provider, effective immediately, patrons or organizations wishing to rent a meeting room in our Almonte or Pakenham branch will need to provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of $2 million naming the Corporation of the Town of Mississippi Mills as an additional insured.

What does this mean for my group?

It’s not as scary as it sounds; get in touch and we’ll explain how easy it still is to rent our space.

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