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Current Artist: Sarah Jaynes

Current Artist:
Sarah Jaynes
4 June   –  2 July 2019


Sarah Jaynes

18 years ago Sarah Jaynes and her family relocated to Almonte.  They chose Almonte for its vibrant arts community.  Today she runs a small creative business out of Carriageway Studios just off Bridge Street.  Sarah works primarily in charcoal and acrylic paint and sells both originals and prints.  Her weekdays are spent teaching Visual Art at Notre Dame Catholic High School.  Her weekends and evenings are a beautiful mess of testosterone (three sons!) and creativity.

To see her newest work visit her on Instagram @mississippinorth.  To see her print offereings visit  To arrange a visit to her studio or to commission work email

Current Artist: carolyn huff-winters

2 April 2019 – 4 June 2019


Current Artist – Carolyn Huff-Winters


Carolyn’s work is internationally collected having art in Germany, England, New Zealand, the US, and nationally across Canada

Favourite Quote:  Erase the line that holds you back. – Anonymous

Carolyn is a Canadian artist working with acrylics, powdered charcoal, and mixed media.  As a young girl, she often drew horses, and when she was 13, she produced a self portrait in pencil, but she never thought of herself as a future artist.  Carolyn finished high school, went on to university, got married, had a family, and worked full time.  Art was history, although every now and then, she would pull out an old sketchbook and draw.

Carolyn has been painting since 2010.  At that time, she was temporarily off work (oncology nurse) while going through chemotherapy, and a friend asked her to take an art course in a private home.  Carolyn’s a high energy, always-on-the-move, Type A personality, and her friend felt she had too much time on her hands.  The class stimulated her creative self, and even now, spends time every day in her studio.






Current Artists: Almonte Rug Hookers

2 October 2018 – 4 December 2018


Current Artists : Almonte Rug Hookers


Hooked rugs were once simply functional mats made of scraps of old material.  This early form of recycling produced rugs of exquisite beauty and rustic charm.  Cold, drafty floors were warmed by the thick, heavy mats that were as attractive as they were useful.

The Almonte Rug Hookers group formed in 2015 after an original member took a beginner’s hooking course at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum from renowned teacher Loretta Moore.  Her excitement was such that she had the idea to start a group to hook together.  Her posted photos of rugs on Facebook spread the word and soon the group numbered five.

As of the spring of 2018 the group has grown to 15 and has members who travel from Ottawa, Galetta, White Lake and the outskirts of Almonte to share ideas, inspiration, skills and conversation as they hook together.

Each member brings their own interests in different styles of hooking as is evident in the pieces in this exhibit.  These styles include primitive, geometric, contemporary, traditional and story rugs.  Some of the rugs are designed by the artists while others are hooked using purchased patterns.  The rugs are hooked with wool, wool blends, silk, nylon and recycled clothing, blankets and coats.

The hooked rug’s star is rising and grows brighter with the passing years as more and more people are lured by the artistry of old mats and the satisfaction of hooking new ones.

The amazing items on display are by the following hookers:

Bill Brown
Donna Code
Pauline Hewitt-White
Cathy Ivory
Kay Lewis
Susan Logie
Loretta Moore
JoAnne Morton
Jill Moxley
Lorraine Murphy
Claudia Smith

For information on classes in rug hooking go to:
and check under the Upcoming Events tab
or contact Loretta Moore 613-273-8347






























Current Artists: Lee Anne La Forge

1 August 2018 – 2 October 2018


Current Artist : Lee Anne La Forge

Mixed Media Artist
103 Villageview Private
Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Ancient Portals has been an exciting series of work.  I use my photography of decayed and abandoned derelict places that stand as a testament to the resilience against erosion of time and forgotten by most.  I often wonder what stories they could tell.  I am drawn to such images.  I love the peeling of paint and the rust of old locks.  These buildings intrigue me and lend themselves so well to the encaustic painting process of laying on beeswax mixed with Damar resin from trees, heating the surface and scraping back layers of translucent was and pigment.  The smooth and quiet places in the work are juxtaposed against the rough and visceral hard edges.

Lee Anne has been working as a full time artist and exploring encaustic paint since 2009.  She is now retired after a thirty-year teaching career.  Her post graduate work was in Fine Arts and painting has always been her passion.  Today she divides her studio time between her encaustic work and her abstract non-representational paintings.  She teaches “Learn to Paint” nights at Koyman Galleries throughout the year.  Her work is in galleries and private collections across Canada and the USA.

She is represented by Koyman Galleries Ottawa, Studio 87 Perth, Effusion Fine Art Gallery Invermere BC and Ryan Fine Art, Port Carling.

Find out more about her work at























Current Artists: Teresa Wingar & Photography Matters

5 June 2018 – 7 August 2018


Current Artists : Teresa Wingar & Photography Matters

Slip Trailed Stoneware Pottery
3181 Diamondview Road
R.R. 2 Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0

Teresa Wingar grew up in the picturesque New Forest, in Southern England.

She attended vocational courses at Southampton College of Art and then served an apprenticeship with a local potter.

Later she established her own Pottery Studio, operating out of a former undertaker’s carriage house, next door to a local forest pub where she once worked in the kitchens.

She immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1988, initially settling in Kanata.

She took time to research & learned to adapt her craft to the new world materials & began with well made functional ware.

After moving out of her Kanata basement workshop in 1998 to her Studio “with a view” on four acres in rural Ottawa, her work evolved becoming more intricate and reflective of her comfortable familiar country environment.

Pottery technique

Drawing her influences from 18th century English designs, Persian carpets & Indian Henna.

Teresa uses a technique called “Slip trailing” to apply her intricate patterns.

Each piece is hand thrown on the Potters Wheel.

Once dried enough to handle, the pot is carefully trimmed, then decorated with clay slips, by first painting, then applying the clay slips using a fine nozzle, creating a slightly raised design.

Mixing her own glaze & clay slips using natural oxides and under glazes, allows Teresa to produce her own signature colours and textures.

She enjoys developing new patterns and experiments with modern ceramic materials, whilst still maintaining the new antique appearance of her pieces.

Although highly decorative & collectable, her pottery is food safe & oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.

Shows & sales

You can visit Teresa at her Kinburn Pottery Studio by appointment.

Her Studio is also open for The Red Trillium Studio Tour

At the Carp Farmers Market  (on sunny Saturdays) from June to September.
The New Art Festival, Ottawa.
260 Fingers, Glebe, Ottawa.

Her work is displayed in:

The General Fine Craft Gallery in Almonte         The Ottawa Art Gallery shop.

Photography Matters

Karen Thompson was born in the small northern Ontario town of Geraldton.  She has been immersed in nature her whole life. Taking pictures to document what was happening around her came naturally. Exploring all things tiny in our world never fails to amaze er. In the last year or so she has been exploring landscape photography. Belonging to various photography groups has been a real inspiration and learning experience.

Bruce Thompson is an amateur photographer who has learned everything he know from other photographers or by trial and error. His photography is a hobby rather than a passion and he enjoys capturing images of wildlife, landscapes, people and macro. He enjoys making slideshow presentations of his photos. He combines the images his wife Karen and he take on their travels and puts them into slideshows.

Susan Cressy loves the opportunity that photography gives her to slow down and take in nature and her environment; both through her own being and through the lense of her camera.

Jack Gordon has been playing with photography for 30+ years. He enjoys all the pleasures it brings, from being out taking the pictures with friends to sitting around and critiquing images. He tends to struggle with the computer aspect of the process but will keep at it.

Kathleen Teahen seeks to capture the light, the truth and the beauty in all things In her photography.. Looking through a lens best described by J.G. Ballard “I believe in the truth of the inexplicable, in the common sense of stones and the lunacy of flowers”.







Current Artists: Maria Moldovan

Current Artists: Maria Moldovan

3 April 2018 – 5 June 2018


Maria Moldovan | | 613-600-5643

Mária Moldovan was born and raised in Romania. She started her visual education in the High School of Arts, Sf. Gheorghe, her hometown, in a class specialized in painting. After four years of painting she chose to study ceramic art at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca. She made this decision because she was attracted by three-dimensional art but she couldn’t give up on colors. So it seemed to be the perfect solution to have sculpture and painting at the same time.

Painting and ceramic art fluctuates through her life since then. There are longer periods of time dedicated for painting and then for ceramic art.

Since 2008 she has been involved in projects related to children’s illustration as well. There are five books so far published with her illustrations.

Maria moved with her family to Canada in 2013.

Currently she is a full time studio artist living in Arnprior and she is teaching ceramic art at the Ottawa School of Art.


1997-2002 – Bachelor degree at the University of Visual Arts and Design, ceramic departament, Cluj Napoca,  Romania

1994-1997 – School of Arts, Sfintu Gheorghe, painting departament, Romania

1988-1994 – „Mikes Kelemen” Highschool, foreign languages, Romania

Professional Memberships

Member of the Ottawa Guild Of Potters since 2015

Member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors since 2017

Member of the U.A.P.R since 2003 – „Professional Visual Artists’ Union from Romania”

Member of the „Association of illustrators from Romania” since 2012 

Artist statement

Creating art works for me is a journey. A constant moving from outside to inside and vice-versa. It is about the process of connecting the outside world to my inner world. I find an inspiring element in the surrounding world and I start to work with it, it goes through me and it’s transformed into something different. My being is working like a filter for the outside world.

I moved to Canada in 2013. Leaving a well known space and searching for anchor points in a new space is a challenging process. This searching has been a driving force in my creative work in the past few years. Exploring a new world, new dimensions can be inspiring and the process of searching leads us in unknown outer and inside spaces as well.

In my sculptures, I often combine different elements: shapes, body parts which in real life never would show up together. Using the freedom of the creative dimensions, I find the connection points and I create a new meaning for these elements.

I created ceramic sculptures with the similar symbols, color palettes what I used lately in my paintings. It is the connection between the bi-dimensional and three-dimensional visual language using the theme of connected elements.

Current Artists: Sharon Collins & Jo-Ann Zorzi

Current Artists:
Sharon Collins & Jo-Ann Zorzi
6 February 2018 – 3 April 2018


Sharon Collins
Textile & Mixed Media Artist

Sharon’s interest in sewing began as a young girl when her mother taught her how to sew; primarily to make her own clothes. After entering university, necessity turned into passion when she took an interest in designing and creating wall hangings and garments, using the skills her mother taught her as a young girl.

After graduating in medicine, Sharon moved to northern Ontario to start a practice. It was here that her love of art began to grow.  After taking classes at the local college with Stephen Braithwaite, renowned stain glass artist, Sharon was hooked on stained glass, designing and creating windows of her own. Her installations include a church, a restaurant, a funeral home and many residences. She continues to design stained glass windows today.

Stained glass led to water colour painting and quilting – a medium that brought her back to her mothers sewing lessons. She attended her first traditional quilt class in Kirkland lake in 1994 with Terry Whyte and began making quilts for family and friends. Since 2002, her quilting has expanded to art quilts and mixed media fibre arts. She continues to take classes from local and international instructors including Catherine Biddyk-Law, Ruth McDowell, Barbara Olsen, Vicky Pignatelli, Karen Eckmeier, Robbi Joy Eklow, Pamela Allen and Gunnel Hagg. She has exhibited stained glass art, water colours, traditional quilts, art-wear and fibre art locally and internationally.

Recently she has been painting both water colour and acrylics.

J-Ann Zorzi


Sharon spent her childhood in the Lower Laurentians, Quebec. She was exposed to a rich and diverse culture which has influenced her outlook in life. She spent many years as a scientist, followed by a career in the construction materials industry. In 2004, she began to experiment with silk fibers. Over the last few years, she has developed her own techniques for creating her images – adding woolen, linen, hemp and cotton fibers to her work, although silk remains the predominant material for her wall pieces. In 2014, she began experimenting with wool fibers to create 3 dimensional, playful pieces.

She see as much through her hands as through her eyes. Her work ranges from landscapes to figurative to architectural to quirky. She is largely a self-taught artist fueled by her imagination and the world around her. She hopes to continue exploring fiber for many years to come.

Selected Recent Exhibitions

2017 -Art in the Neighbourhood, Ottawa, ON
2017 -The Maker’s Hand, Picton, ON
2017 -West Carleton Family Health, Carp, ON
2017 -City of Ottawa, Plant Bath Wall Space, Ottawa, ON
2017 -Christmas in Carp, Carp, ON

2017 -City of Ottawa, Plant Bath Wall Space, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Art in the Neighbourhood, Ottawa, ON
2016 -The Maker’s Hand, Picton, ON
2016 -Soulplay, The Spirit of Trees, Belleville, ON
2016 -Expressions of Art, Carp, ON
2016 -Red Trillium Studio tour, Carp, ON
2016 -March Day in May, Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Wallacks, Best of the West, Nepean, ON
2016 -Out of the Box, Spring Fling, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Arts Carleton Place Spring Art Show and Sale, Carleton Place, ON
2016 -Spring into Art conference, Carp, ON

Current Artists: Linda and Sam Hamilton

Current Artists:
Linda & Sam Hamilton
5 December 2017 – 6 February 2018


Linda Hamilton

Sam Hamilton

The artwork of
Linda & Sam Hamilton

Sam and Linda Hamilton are artists who work from their home studio in Almonte.  Both love to create art with images from nature and the many beautiful shapes and colours to be found there.  Sam is an illustrator who has created several children’s books and custom images.  Linda works through the summer as a flower farmer on her mother’s property near Perth.  Their two young children provide an endless source of interesting ideas and inspiration as well.  This collection represents the many media that they work in from sculpture to painting and drawing.


Current Artist: Stephanie Huckabone

Current Artist:
Stephanie Huckabone
3 Oct – 4 Dec 2017


Stephanie Huckabone

Stephanie Huckabone has always been interested in art and art history and took courses in high school and at university.  However, it wasn’t until an evening mixed-media class that she rediscovered her desire to paint an explore different mediums.  She continues to grow and learn through work-shops, peer support and local classes.

In 2004, she became a member of Ottawa Mixed Media Artists and often takes part in group shows, artist retreats and professional development activities.  She has been on the executive of OMMA for he past 8 years and is currently President of OMMA.

Having grown up in the Ottawa Valley, nature has always been very important to Stephanie.  She often depicts local water, rocks, trees and mountains in her art.

More recently, however, she became familiar with the rocky, harsh landscape of Newfoundland.  She tries to capture the beauty and colour of that northern Atlantic island that draws her family to its shores every summer.

For Canada’s 150th anniversary, she has decided to celebrate each province and territory with a canvas depicting the flora, fauna, images and symbols connected to it.  She makes her own stamps and stencils, which she uses to give texture and provide images within my paintings.  She says it was a very fun and educational experience for her and she hopes you enjoy discovering the uniqueness and beauty of each province of the wonderful and diverse country of ours – Canada.