Current Artists: Jill & Beth McCubbin

4 December 2018 – 5 February 2019


Current Artists :

Jill & Beth McCubbin present Sisters’ Art Show

Jill McCubbin
paintings & commissions

Jill McCubbin’s work is animated by informal subjects and common practices, but offers imaginative twists for the observer to consider. Jill believes even the most seemingly simple ideas are not. Ideas and paintings can be inspiring, they can be whimsical or demanding. Often uncomplicated images encourage the best stories.

Jill lives in Almonte and has been an artist for over 20 years.

jill beth

Beth McCubbin
visual artwork, object repair & conservation

Beth’s art ambitions are focused on and fueled by an attention to our lived environment. Through her work, she questions the past, present and future possibilities of the material, social and environmental worlds. With effort to highlight the interconnections between all things, she often creates works which present overlooked, forgotten or undesired elements in our society.
Beth’s professional body of artwork has evolved from the handling of many mixed materials and found objects. Routinely she is involved in concentrated ceramic studies and development, and in the building of large-scale concrete sculpture installation. She uses the subtleties of form, often figurative, to communicate. Her process involves carefully choosing materials and subject matter, and weighing them to convey a particular message and atmosphere.
Beth McCubbin lives in Gatineau, QC. She has been working in the arts for over 25 years.






































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