Current Artist: carolyn huff-winters

2 April 2019 – 4 June 2019


Current Artist – Carolyn Huff-Winters


Carolyn’s work is internationally collected having art in Germany, England, New Zealand, the US, and nationally across Canada

Favourite Quote:  Erase the line that holds you back. – Anonymous

Carolyn is a Canadian artist working with acrylics, powdered charcoal, and mixed media.  As a young girl, she often drew horses, and when she was 13, she produced a self portrait in pencil, but she never thought of herself as a future artist.  Carolyn finished high school, went on to university, got married, had a family, and worked full time.  Art was history, although every now and then, she would pull out an old sketchbook and draw.

Carolyn has been painting since 2010.  At that time, she was temporarily off work (oncology nurse) while going through chemotherapy, and a friend asked her to take an art course in a private home.  Carolyn’s a high energy, always-on-the-move, Type A personality, and her friend felt she had too much time on her hands.  The class stimulated her creative self, and even now, spends time every day in her studio.






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