Current Artists: Teresa Wingar & Photography Matters

5 June 2018 – 7 August 2018


Current Artists : Teresa Wingar & Photography Matters

Slip Trailed Stoneware Pottery
3181 Diamondview Road
R.R. 2 Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0

Teresa Wingar grew up in the picturesque New Forest, in Southern England.

She attended vocational courses at Southampton College of Art and then served an apprenticeship with a local potter.

Later she established her own Pottery Studio, operating out of a former undertaker’s carriage house, next door to a local forest pub where she once worked in the kitchens.

She immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1988, initially settling in Kanata.

She took time to research & learned to adapt her craft to the new world materials & began with well made functional ware.

After moving out of her Kanata basement workshop in 1998 to her Studio “with a view” on four acres in rural Ottawa, her work evolved becoming more intricate and reflective of her comfortable familiar country environment.

Pottery technique

Drawing her influences from 18th century English designs, Persian carpets & Indian Henna.

Teresa uses a technique called “Slip trailing” to apply her intricate patterns.

Each piece is hand thrown on the Potters Wheel.

Once dried enough to handle, the pot is carefully trimmed, then decorated with clay slips, by first painting, then applying the clay slips using a fine nozzle, creating a slightly raised design.

Mixing her own glaze & clay slips using natural oxides and under glazes, allows Teresa to produce her own signature colours and textures.

She enjoys developing new patterns and experiments with modern ceramic materials, whilst still maintaining the new antique appearance of her pieces.

Although highly decorative & collectable, her pottery is food safe & oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.

Shows & sales

You can visit Teresa at her Kinburn Pottery Studio by appointment.

Her Studio is also open for The Red Trillium Studio Tour

At the Carp Farmers Market  (on sunny Saturdays) from June to September.
The New Art Festival, Ottawa.
260 Fingers, Glebe, Ottawa.

Her work is displayed in:

The General Fine Craft Gallery in Almonte         The Ottawa Art Gallery shop.

Photography Matters

Karen Thompson was born in the small northern Ontario town of Geraldton.  She has been immersed in nature her whole life. Taking pictures to document what was happening around her came naturally. Exploring all things tiny in our world never fails to amaze er. In the last year or so she has been exploring landscape photography. Belonging to various photography groups has been a real inspiration and learning experience.

Bruce Thompson is an amateur photographer who has learned everything he know from other photographers or by trial and error. His photography is a hobby rather than a passion and he enjoys capturing images of wildlife, landscapes, people and macro. He enjoys making slideshow presentations of his photos. He combines the images his wife Karen and he take on their travels and puts them into slideshows.

Susan Cressy loves the opportunity that photography gives her to slow down and take in nature and her environment; both through her own being and through the lense of her camera.

Jack Gordon has been playing with photography for 30+ years. He enjoys all the pleasures it brings, from being out taking the pictures with friends to sitting around and critiquing images. He tends to struggle with the computer aspect of the process but will keep at it.

Kathleen Teahen seeks to capture the light, the truth and the beauty in all things In her photography.. Looking through a lens best described by J.G. Ballard “I believe in the truth of the inexplicable, in the common sense of stones and the lunacy of flowers”.







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