Current Artists: Maria Moldovan

Current Artists: Maria Moldovan

3 April 2018 – 5 June 2018


Maria Moldovan | | 613-600-5643

Mária Moldovan was born and raised in Romania. She started her visual education in the High School of Arts, Sf. Gheorghe, her hometown, in a class specialized in painting. After four years of painting she chose to study ceramic art at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca. She made this decision because she was attracted by three-dimensional art but she couldn’t give up on colors. So it seemed to be the perfect solution to have sculpture and painting at the same time.

Painting and ceramic art fluctuates through her life since then. There are longer periods of time dedicated for painting and then for ceramic art.

Since 2008 she has been involved in projects related to children’s illustration as well. There are five books so far published with her illustrations.

Maria moved with her family to Canada in 2013.

Currently she is a full time studio artist living in Arnprior and she is teaching ceramic art at the Ottawa School of Art.


1997-2002 – Bachelor degree at the University of Visual Arts and Design, ceramic departament, Cluj Napoca,  Romania

1994-1997 – School of Arts, Sfintu Gheorghe, painting departament, Romania

1988-1994 – „Mikes Kelemen” Highschool, foreign languages, Romania

Professional Memberships

Member of the Ottawa Guild Of Potters since 2015

Member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors since 2017

Member of the U.A.P.R since 2003 – „Professional Visual Artists’ Union from Romania”

Member of the „Association of illustrators from Romania” since 2012 

Artist statement

Creating art works for me is a journey. A constant moving from outside to inside and vice-versa. It is about the process of connecting the outside world to my inner world. I find an inspiring element in the surrounding world and I start to work with it, it goes through me and it’s transformed into something different. My being is working like a filter for the outside world.

I moved to Canada in 2013. Leaving a well known space and searching for anchor points in a new space is a challenging process. This searching has been a driving force in my creative work in the past few years. Exploring a new world, new dimensions can be inspiring and the process of searching leads us in unknown outer and inside spaces as well.

In my sculptures, I often combine different elements: shapes, body parts which in real life never would show up together. Using the freedom of the creative dimensions, I find the connection points and I create a new meaning for these elements.

I created ceramic sculptures with the similar symbols, color palettes what I used lately in my paintings. It is the connection between the bi-dimensional and three-dimensional visual language using the theme of connected elements.

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