Things are happening!

Great News! Thanks to the Elizabeth Kelly Library Foundation Inc, we have been able to extend our Technology Assistant’s contract to the end of the year! Check in with either branch to see what his schedule is and book an appointment as fast as you can – Gregory’s schedule gets booked up fast! Got a new phone and don’t know how to set it up? Your computer just crashed and all your family photos are no where to be found? Can’t get that ding dang ebook onto your new ereader? Call us! we’ll get you set up with Gregory in no time.

Join us Thurs. Mar. 15, 7 p.m. Almonte Branch meeting room for a fascinating, interactive talk and presentation — free– on the mystery of Tom Thomson. Author Geoff Taylor will separate fact from speculation, giving us a sense of what may have happened that fatal day.

Big news! We have a Memory Lab at the Pakenham Branch. Thanks to a Seniors Community Grant, our technology assistant Gregory and Katherine, the memory lab provides the means to convert old slides, photos, vhs into a digital format – easy to achieve and access.  Set up an appointment with Gregory, he will get you going with the how-to’s. As well, part of the Seniors Community Grant includes a speaker series on issues of interest to seniors and all those who support them. Thanks to Katherine and residents of Pakenham, a really interesting series is lined up. Call the branch at 613-624-5306 for more information.

Lots going on! Give us a call to find out more: Almonte Branch 613-256-1037; Pakenham Branch 613-624-5306.

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