Current Artists: Sharon Collins & Jo-Ann Zorzi

Current Artists:
Sharon Collins & Jo-Ann Zorzi
6 February 2018 – 3 April 2018


Sharon Collins
Textile & Mixed Media Artist

Sharon’s interest in sewing began as a young girl when her mother taught her how to sew; primarily to make her own clothes. After entering university, necessity turned into passion when she took an interest in designing and creating wall hangings and garments, using the skills her mother taught her as a young girl.

After graduating in medicine, Sharon moved to northern Ontario to start a practice. It was here that her love of art began to grow.  After taking classes at the local college with Stephen Braithwaite, renowned stain glass artist, Sharon was hooked on stained glass, designing and creating windows of her own. Her installations include a church, a restaurant, a funeral home and many residences. She continues to design stained glass windows today.

Stained glass led to water colour painting and quilting – a medium that brought her back to her mothers sewing lessons. She attended her first traditional quilt class in Kirkland lake in 1994 with Terry Whyte and began making quilts for family and friends. Since 2002, her quilting has expanded to art quilts and mixed media fibre arts. She continues to take classes from local and international instructors including Catherine Biddyk-Law, Ruth McDowell, Barbara Olsen, Vicky Pignatelli, Karen Eckmeier, Robbi Joy Eklow, Pamela Allen and Gunnel Hagg. She has exhibited stained glass art, water colours, traditional quilts, art-wear and fibre art locally and internationally.

Recently she has been painting both water colour and acrylics.

J-Ann Zorzi


Sharon spent her childhood in the Lower Laurentians, Quebec. She was exposed to a rich and diverse culture which has influenced her outlook in life. She spent many years as a scientist, followed by a career in the construction materials industry. In 2004, she began to experiment with silk fibers. Over the last few years, she has developed her own techniques for creating her images – adding woolen, linen, hemp and cotton fibers to her work, although silk remains the predominant material for her wall pieces. In 2014, she began experimenting with wool fibers to create 3 dimensional, playful pieces.

She see as much through her hands as through her eyes. Her work ranges from landscapes to figurative to architectural to quirky. She is largely a self-taught artist fueled by her imagination and the world around her. She hopes to continue exploring fiber for many years to come.

Selected Recent Exhibitions

2017 -Art in the Neighbourhood, Ottawa, ON
2017 -The Maker’s Hand, Picton, ON
2017 -West Carleton Family Health, Carp, ON
2017 -City of Ottawa, Plant Bath Wall Space, Ottawa, ON
2017 -Christmas in Carp, Carp, ON

2017 -City of Ottawa, Plant Bath Wall Space, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Art in the Neighbourhood, Ottawa, ON
2016 -The Maker’s Hand, Picton, ON
2016 -Soulplay, The Spirit of Trees, Belleville, ON
2016 -Expressions of Art, Carp, ON
2016 -Red Trillium Studio tour, Carp, ON
2016 -March Day in May, Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Wallacks, Best of the West, Nepean, ON
2016 -Out of the Box, Spring Fling, Ottawa, ON
2016 -Arts Carleton Place Spring Art Show and Sale, Carleton Place, ON
2016 -Spring into Art conference, Carp, ON

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