Corridor Gallery Celebrating 20 Years!

Corridor Gallery
Celebrating 20 Years!
June 1997 – June 2017

Following an impassioned proposal by Reva Dolgoy to use the empty walls of the Library entrance as an art gallery, the 1997 Library Board and then Chief Librarian, Peter Nelson, wholeheartedly endorsed the founding of the CORRIDOR GALLERY. This was the beginning of a long and fruitful Library/Community collaboration which, 20 years later, continues to receive enthusiastic support and encouragement from our current CEO and Chief Librarian, Pam Harris and the Library staff.

Reva was a longtime champion of the Arts in Almonte and first curator of the Corridor Gallery.  Several years later, she was joined by Barbara Cotterill.  After Reva’s retirement, Deborah Saulnier and subsequently, Ann Jezewski joined Barbara as co-curators.

This month we are marking the Gallery’s 20th Anniversary. Please join us in celebrating and thanking the over 300 artists who have contributed to our love and understanding of art in its many forms.

Click on the banner below, save and enlarge to view the names of all of the many artists who have displayed their work over the years.

The Corridor Gallery is a small, public gallery that has been in operation at the Almonte Branch of the library since 1997 with the enthusiastic support of the CEO/Chief Librarian, staff and patrons. Colourful and engaging displays are changed on a monthly basis featuring the work of emerging and established artists from the Ottawa Valley and beyond.  Curators of the Gallery are Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski.

We welcome expressions of interest from artists who are invited to contact the curators by email. Click here for details on how to apply.

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