Current Artists: Krista Cameron & Edwina Wood

Current Artist:
Edwina Wood
6 June – 1 August 2017


Edwina Wood

Edwina was raised in Kenya and from an early age has been painting African scenes, wildlife and people.

She works mainly in acrylics but also oils and collage.

Her background is evident in her work, as she often returns to her roots for subject matter, although she has also branched out into Canadian landscapes and sometimes for fun dashes down on canvas amusing moments witnessed in daily life.

Edwina has exhibited in Canada, Namibia and Tanzania and now lives at Otty Lake where her paintings reflect the scenery around her.

Krista Cameron
6 June  –  1 August 2017

Krista Cameron

Krista Cameron is a potter and ceramics artist who works against the idyllic backdrop of Charleston Lake.

She believes in getting outside and connecting with nature.  She tries to bring some of the outdoor into her work through the softness of her pieces and the colours used in the finish.  When she isn’t outside with her bees and kayak, Krista immerses herself in creating pottery that can be used, loved, and functions well in every day life.

Krista works with clay because of the strength it offers, the tactile nature of her art offers the opportunity to introduce character and manipulate the subtleness of a piece.

Because clay can create decorative and functional forms,  it allows Krista to offer collectors a chance to connect with pottery that fulfills their desires and reflects their personality.

Krista teaches pottery to adults and kids in Brockville, Athens and Kingston.


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