Current Artists: Alan Mirabelli and Jennifer Anne Kelly

Current Artist:
Alan Mirabelli
4 April 2017  –  6 June 2017


Alan Mirabelli

Earth’s Textures
Moments of Stillness

Alan Mirabelli, a photographer, sets out to perceive, appreciate and understand the beauty that is nature.  Carrying a camera serves as his reminder to be attentive, with an objective to open the heart, to focus and to journal the moment.  The resulting print is never his goal; it is the memory of a moment of stillness, a visual diary of a moment cherished.

Mirabelli explores the simplicity and complexity of nature; evocative moments commanding deep respect.  His frames are an exploration of the interdependent relationships that exist on earth.  Each image is a reflection of a frame of mind and an act of humility.

Each moment is a moment of wonder; time sculpting earth’s surface, feeling its flow, and acknowledging tenderness in decay and renewal.  Each chosen moment is the essence of a past, a present and a projection into a future.   Mirabelli marks these moments.  They are a meditation; an inquiry into the mystery of time and their echoes can be felt and imagined with each encounter of the artifact.

Nature and its cycles are reminders of a power, sometimes gentle, sometimes destructive, and always a matter of wonder.  He sees beauty in new life and in decay.  Mirabelli’s images are a reflection of re-cognition (re-knowing) what is before him.

For him, each image is a topographic map of emotion; each frame is a story to self, an appreciative enquiry and a seduction.  He seeks textures which seduce the eye and soul, colours that arrest attention and forms that invite reflection of a metaphor.

For Mirabelli photography is pursued as a spiritual expression, a form of renewal.

About the images:  Mirabelli brings a film aesthetic to digital image making. The film he preferred was recently discontinued and, as a result, he has adopted a method of work which most closely resembles that of Fuji/Velvia film.

Photoshop:  adjustments are limited to exposure, contrast, saturation and sharpening and all are minimally applied.

Images are cropped in the camera. If filters are required they are neutral density filters which do not enhance colour.

Jennifer Anne Kelly
4 April 2017  –  6 June 2017

Jennifer Anne Kelly

Kiln Formed Glass

Jennifer Anne Kelly lives on Glen Isle by the Mississippi River.   After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carlton University Jennifer enjoyed the expertise of many renowned teachers and mentors.  She has studied at The Studio at Corning in New York, Pittsburgh Glass Center, American Steel Studios, and Ottawa School of Art.  Jennifer works with stained glass, fused and kiln formed glass, natural found elements, and metals.  The process, including sand blasting and kiln work, is completed in her teaching studio, Current Works of Glass, at 112 Queen Street, Almonte.

Her work can be found at Cirque du Soleil boutiques, Montreal Musee des Beaux Arts boutiques, Latitude 44 in Toronto, Ungallery in Picton, Algonquin Arts Centre in Algonquin Park, Santini Gallery and Crichton Street Gallery in Ottawa and select exhibits in Ontario.

From sculptural work to painterly two-dimensional pieces the narrative thread throughout is a positive human experience with the natural world.  Living on the river has influenced Jennifer’s work both in imagery and in her meditation on glass and water.  The river inspires the combination of energy and serenity and this is brought to the finished glass piece.   Jennifer spends a great deal of time pondering the light, shadows, and reflections of the water and translates that in new techniques.  Much of Jennifer’s three-dimensional work is focused on glass nests, feathers, and glass fused into reclaimed wood and stone.  This work is a celebration of our natural world as a gable.  Jennifer twists reality and imagination by creating new interpretations fo what is naturally found.  This body of work is the result of intense passion and dreams, overcoming fear, and delighting in the mystical.



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