Current Artists: Paul Saindon and Ian Paige

Current Artists:
Paul Saindon and Ian Paige
6 December 2016  – 7 February 2017


Paul Saindon


Artist Statement

I’m always enthusiastic when faced with a new vision to discover and to share.  Those that really capture my imagination have interesting and well-defined tonal contrasts, as well as rich colours.  Figures, landscapes and interiors are great pretexts for exploring these ideas.  I follow no formula, these seem to be the things I have been instinctively using since as far back as I can remember.  Perseverance will often yield unimagined results, and I readily attribute this to magic…

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”  Oscar Wilde said it almost 100 years ago.  Something in what he said rings true for me in my painting development.  I can’t make copies of the same painting.  I can’t always paint the same way.  I have to try new things.  Maybe make some blunders…and paint over them.  I will not grow unless I experiment.  No one has my “Paul Saindon road to success” already figured out and printed.  And the only path I can follow is the one inside me.  I cannot copy someone else’s technique.  I have to be true to myself.  Only then will I see progress.

An important aspect of painting, for me, is the state of the spirit.  Brushstrokes reveal an artists’ inner state.  The search for harmony is an important part of my development.  The American author Robert M. Pirsig stated it very succinctly in his book ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ : “…so you want to know how to paint a perfect picture?  It’s easy.  Just make yourself perfect and pain naturally.”  By “make yourself perfect” he means to seek balance, sincerity, harmony and gratitude in your daily life.  The brushstroke must be free of any constraint.

Ian Paige
Lanark County Potter

Long-time County potter, Ian makes functional ware on the potter’s wheel.  The pots are fired two or three times to a highest temperature of 2,260 degrees fahrenheit.

The glazes on these pots are made with Lanark County materials principally calcium carbonate, known locally as Tatlock marble (from the mine west of Almonte) is in all the glazes; wood ash from local hardwoods and feldspars (granit rocks) are also use in carefully measured proportions.  The clay in the pots is a white stoneware from Alberta.  All the ware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Pots are available for purchase by contacting Ian.
Orders are welcomed.

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