Current Artists: Amelia Ah You and Cathy Walsh

Current Artists: 7 June – 9 Aug 2016


ARTIST: Amelia Ah You

Amelia was born, and raised in Beira, Mozambique, Africa. She grew up with chinese fairy tales and mythological stories, african drums, indian chai and portuguese cuisine. In school, she studied traditional chinese calligraphy and painting, learned about western religion and portuguese explorers.

She left the sunny shores of the Indian Ocean with her family when Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975.  She bided farewell to her parents, and landed in snowy Ottawa. She spent the first winter shivering, sketching and adding english to her list of spoken languages. She worked as an architectural technologist in heritage building restoration, a career that support her love of drawing and history.

She lives, paints/draws and works on a beautiful farm in Cedar Hill, Pakenham, Ontario. Her work is inspired by the daily meanderings in the woods.

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ARTIST: Cathy Walsh

Cathy is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax,  Nova Scotia.  Born in Deep River, Cathy taught primarily high school art over a 32 year career first in the Maritimes, and is newly retired after 16 years at Mackenzie High School in Deep River.

While teaching full-time, Cathy continued to create her own art and has participated in exhibitions in Moncton, Halifax and Deep River. She was a member of the Artisans Coop in Deep River and was a participant and organizer of the “Hill and Valley Studio Tour” in the Deep River area.  She completed workshops at Haliburton School of the Art and at the Atlin Center.  She has been an active volunteer with Deep River’s Library Arts Committee which organizes 4-6 exhibitions annually and which recently opened the Deep River Gallery housed in the lobby spaces of Deep River’s town hall.

Though teaching art provided Cathy with the wonderful opportunity to encourage and engage young artists in the classroom for many years, she is delighted to have the time to devote to her own creations.  Her current work involves intuitive, expressive non-objective explorations in acrylic on canvas – primarily or organic, fluid forms, textures and vibrant color inspired by nature.

She is also interested in the possibilities of image making with her MAC computer and has been manipulating personal photographs and photos of her paintings with interesting results.

Cathy lives beside the Ottawa River, west of Deep River, Ontario with her husband Doug.


Amelia and Cathy met as Fine Arts Students at Algonquin College in the late 1970’s and have been friends ever since.  This is the first time they have exhibited together.





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