Current Artist: Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski

Current Artist: November-December 2015

In November/December the gallery is featuring the work of Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski

“CURATORS OUT OF THE CLOSET” is the first joint show of the works of Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski, curators of the Mississippi Mills Public Galleries, Almonte, Ontario.

Barbara Cotterill, when asked to describe her work said she felt somewhat like Canadian artist, Marcel Barbeau who said “I sense a certain approach or attitude to follow, rather than having a clear, defined strategy” and as another Canadian artist, Pierre Gauvreau, put it, “I paint without preconceived ideas and I am ready for anything which manifests itself on my canvas”.

Barb describes herself as an intuitive painter.  That’s how her work unfolds, sometimes resulting in abstract pieces while others emerge in recognizable landscape or figurative forms.  She always finds the process fascinating and loves the journey.  Mixed media seems to be a perfect fit for the artworks she produces today.  She finds it liberating to add papers, photographs, metals, beads and other found objects in the creation of new pieces.

Most recently Barb has shown her work in juried exhibitions with the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists and West Carleton Arts Society.  In past years her work has been shown locally with the Almonte & Area Artists Association.

Currently, Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski share curating duties at the Almonte Chambers and Corridor Galleries.  Barb was a founding member of the Arts in the Manor (AIM), Almonte and is currently a member of the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists Association.

Tel:  613.256.3528 or email:


Ann Verre Jezewski – A Pouch of Sticks – From a hillside overlooking Casco Bay in Maine to a quiet table in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, childhood tools always included  a pouch of charcoal sticks and pastels – all that one needed to capture ordinary wonders outdoors, along with images that flew in vivid colour from the pages of treasured books.  The urge to draw survived academic years and office life, and more free time has led to some liberating and delicious experimentation.

Woods and gardens, lakes and seascapes, and the mystical effects of light on water have all pulled me to see with eye and hand as one sense.  Thinking in fine lines and loose waves over saturated earth hues and the endless colours of sky and water is an exhilarating, satisfying and highly recommended habit.  Nothing has really changed over the past six decades … except possibilities!

About the Corridor Gallery

The Corridor Gallery is a small, public gallery that has been in operation at the Library since 1997 with the enthusiastic support of the CEO/Chief Librarian, staff and patrons. Colourful and engaging displays are changed on a monthly basis featuring the work of emerging and established artists from the Ottawa Valley and beyond. Curators of the Gallery are Barbara Cotterill and Ann Jezewski.

We welcome expressions of interest from artists who are invited to contact the curators by email. Click here for details of how to apply.

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